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If you can't find the answer to your question, you can e-mail us at or call 888-966-6565.

I didn't get a tracking number.
Your order's tracking number gets automatically emailed the day after the shipment leaves the warehouse. 

Why don't I get the tracking number sooner?
The tracking number is provided by UPS. Once your package leaves our facility, it arrives at a distribution center and gains a tracking number. The tracking number is sent back to our automated shipping system and attached to your order and emailed out the following business day.

Why were there no instructions with my net?
Bownet strives to be as green as possible and to provide a product that is easy to set up. We kindly ask you to view the set up or take down video of your product and download the online instructions. 

    My soccer goal seems too big for the frame. Is it the wrong size?
    If your soccer goal is larger than 4' x 8', the rear frame telescopes out to half the goal size. For example, the rear frame on the 6.6' x 18' soccer goal is 9' in box and can be telescoped out. Please visit the set up video on your goal's webpage.

      You sent the wrong soccer goal. The frame seems too small.
      You will need to telescope the rear frame out for goals larger than 4' x 8'. Before you open any joints, place the center hinge on the ground at your feet and holding the other hinges at your chest. Pull upwards until the frame locks with a clicking noise. Now you can open the hinges. You can view this in the set up video of your purchased goal size.

          There are dents in my frame.
          Most of the nets and goals we manufacture have a design element that requires a dimple bend in the ground frame.

            When will my order arrive?
            Typically, orders arrive within 2 - 4 business days after processing and shipping depending upon your shipping location.

              When will my order ship?
              Our team strives to get most orders out in one business day. However, it can take 2 business days from the time you placed your order.
              Do you price match online or in store pricing?
              Unfortunately, we do not.
                Do you have any discounts?
                  Typically, we do not offer discounts on our products. We do, from time to time, sell demo products that have not been used, but are displayed at sports expositions or tournaments. Please contact your local sales representative for more information on demo products.

                    Do your soccer goals come as a set?
                    No, our soccer goals are sold individually.

                      If I buy in bulk, can I get a cheaper price?
                      If you are looking to purchase bulk sets of a product(s), please contact your local sales representative to inquire on discounted shipping.

                      Can you change my ship to address?
                      Please call our customer service within a couple of hours of placing the order to inquire on changing your shipping address.