From Vision to Reality - Bownet Sports

Remember how portable soccer goals worked before Bownet came along? Not great, Right? In fact, if you haven't used a Bownet yet, your memory is still pretty fresh.

Before Bownet, every portable soccer goal was flimsy, tipped over easily, and were nearly impossible to set up or break down. 

Jack Lucas, the founder of Bownet, was living and coaching an elite girls team (which included his daughter) in Southern California when he finally got fed up dealing with and wearing out Pugg type goals.  He realized that there was a true need for something better, more innovative and durable.

The first net was built by hand by Jack Lucas in 2002.  He eventually built 60 and sold the first 40 of out his garage.  This  was the 4x8 soccer goal specifically designed for 3V3 competition. Unfortunately, the timing for Jack to start a new  company was not good due to work and family obligations and as  it can be with many start ups.  Having the funding, the right  people, and the timing are extremely important for a company  launch.  Years later, in 2007, he met he met Dave Nelson.

A New Beginning

Jack met Dave Nelson while coaching together at Barcelona Soccer Club  in Calabasas, Ca.  They had a big tournament coming up and Jack had  mentioned the goals sitting in his garage to Dave.  Dave, being an engineer, took an interest and helped Jack with some minor adjustments. Together they decided to build more 4x8 soccer goals and Triad Sports  LLC, known as Bownet Sports, was officially founded.

The philosophy behind the company is still in tact today; portability, durability, and extreme ease of set-up and take down. These are three concepts that no other company has been able to successfully achieve in the portable sports equipment industry.

After the 4x8, Jack and Dave built the Lacrosse goal, followed by the Big Mouth and Soft Toss training nets for softball and baseball.  The rest is history.  With the key addition of Jonathan Hayden who also came from the sporting good industry, Bownet spread through every state and around the globe. Bownet Sports now has almost 100 different products panning over a dozen sports categories. 

Bownet Sports continues to push the the limits within the sporting goods industry and manufactures only the best quality when it comes to portable training systems. Stay tuned to learn more about Bownet's upcoming products that will only further your passion for your sport.


Today Bownet has 13 different soccer goals for every age group, every level of player and every type of game. From  USSF regulation and Futsal to 3v3 and 5-a-Side.  Plus, Soccer Tennis and Field Barriers, all designed to work together for an endless combination of training options.